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NSMI Awards Ceremony

Research into Bladder Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes, and Blood Vessels in the brain

Success for Local Researchers was marked at an Awards Ceremony by the North Staffordshire Medical Institute.

The following received funds totalling £30,000.00 from the Chairman of the Medical Institute, Mr. Duncan Gough after the Institute’s Research Awards Committee had judged entries on scientific merit and usefulness to the people of North Staffordshire:

Prof. W. Farrell, Mr. L. Gommersall, Mr. C. Luscombe and Mr. M. Kitchen

Medical students Tamsin Walford and Simon Arch were presented with cash Prizes of £100 each from the Medical Institute’s Bicentenary Fund by Mr. Gough for the Best Dissertations in Years 2 and 4 at Keele University Medical School. The standards in both groups were of a high order and show that our local medical community is top class, and determined to tackle the challenges facing North Staffordshire patients. All were congratulated by the Chairman and Members of The Medical Institute.

Dr. C. Kelly and Dr. A. Harper 

Professor C. Roffe and Dr. F. Lally


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